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I think I'm quite ready for another adventure

Well, my bag is packed once again.

Tomorrow I fly to Europe for another foot-powered odyssey, a 6500 km walk from the Black Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.

I'll be following a path of my own making which I've been calling the Trans-European Alpine Route, as it's goal is to cross the European continent by connecting the many mountain ranges found therein. Unlike past trips, I don't expect to spontaneously meet up with fellow travellers headed the same way, so I'm very happy that I'll be hiking the whole thing with two good hiker buddies from past trails. We've been planning the trip together for the past year.

It's pretty ambitious compared to other trails we've hiked such as the PCT, CDT, AT, and Te Araroa, but if it proves feasible perhaps it will become a similar option for aspiring thru-hikers.

If you'd like to follow along during the trip, I'll likely be most active on Instagram. Those posts will also appear on my Facebook hiking page. If you're not on either of those platforms you can always check on the Instagram feed that appears on the home page of this site.

Here we go...


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