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Introducing the Trans-European Alpine Route

It's been almost three months since I finished my hike across Europe.

Sunset over the Atlantic at Finisterre, Spain
Sunset over the Atlantic at Finisterre, Spain

It was always my goal to not just go off on an adventure, but to contribute something back to the long distance hiking community which has given me so much over the past several years. Between all of the initial planning, the data gathered during the trip, and the additional research it prompted afterwards, it's taken a fair bit of time to bring everything together into a body of data that I feel is easy enough to understand and sufficient for a 6250km mountain walk across a continent.

Map of a the Trans-European Alpine Route

I often wondered if I was just wasting my time, if anyone would actually use any of this information - but after already receiving messages from people looking for beta for similar trips, the effort seems worthwhile.

If you've tasted the simple freedom of a thru-hike and are looking for new challenges in new places, start here.


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