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In 2014 I hiked from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Pacific Crest Trail Map

Not only is the PCT the longest purpose-built hiking path in the world, it could also be argued the most scenic - mile for mile - of all long-distance trails. The weather is very forgiving during the typical hiking season and there is a thriving community surrounding the trail.  

In my opinion the PCT is the perfect introduction into the world of long-distance hiking. It's certainly not without it's challenges, but I believe it's well within the grasp of any fit and determined hiker. 

On a rainy morning in Southern California I took my first steps on what was to be the most transformative experience of my life. Over the next 4.5 months I met incredible people, hiked through some absolutely amazing places, and pushed my body to new limits. When I reached the Canadian border I think a part of me knew that although this trail had reached its end, something bigger had just begun.

PCT thru hike video below. (May take a moment to load)

(Some parts are silent due to a copyright complaint. Skip to 3:00 to jump to the scenery)

By the Numbers

Length: 2650 miles

Start: May 6th (Mexican Border) 

Finish: Sept 24th (Canadian Border)

Average Pace: 18.7 mi/Day (Including rest days)

Longest Hiking Day: 52 miles

Shortest Hiking Day: 1 mile

River crossings that required wading: 2 (very low snow year)

Number of nights camped alone: 2

Bears seen: 2

Natural Hot Springs Visited: 2

Practical PCT Info and Resources:

PCTA Thru hiking Page​

A Quick and Dirty Guide to the PCT

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