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In 2015 I spent a month hiking in Iceland.

Route and Itinerary of our hiking trip across Iceland

In late 2014 I received a message from a hiker I had met earlier that year on the Pacific Crest Trail. He was planning a trip to Iceland and was wondering if I would be interested - it didn't take much convincing for me to join the team. The original plan was to traverse the country from north to south, but when we arrived to find the highest levels of lingering snow in 80 years our plans quickly changed. We still enjoyed nearly a month of hiking in some of the most otherworldly terrain I've ever seen. I tried to capture the experience in the short video below, and also created a breakdown of our route and my budget. Iceland has a reputation for being expensive but backcountry travel is relatively cheap.

Iceland hiking video below.

By the Numbers

Distance Hiked: roughly 300 miles

When: June 19 - July 16

Number of Hikers in our Group: 6

Number of Countries Represented in our Group: 5  

Hours of Darkness: 

Longest Hiking Day: ~20 miles cross-country over rugged lava rock and sand

Longest Travel Day: 10 miles hiked and 200+ mile hitchhike across the south coast with multiple tourist stops

River Crossings That Required Wading: Several, in near-freezing glacial meltwater

Waterfalls: Too many to count



Iceland Coast to Coast Hiking Info:

Jonathan Ley

Alastair Humphreys

Andrew Skurka

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